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Pranhartsberg 2

Pranhartsberg 2

On first glance this KGA appears to have been built with less perfection, it deviates significantly from the near-perfect circle observed in most other KGAs. Two opposing entrances show uniquely long earth bridges which allow a very clear determination of their orientation, although their axes do not meet in or at least close to the center of the KGA.

Despite the irregularities, it is this very KGA that stands out from the rest. The north-western entrance shows a perfect alignment - as good as can be said from the magnetograms – towards summer solstice sunset! Moreover, two postholes in the earth bridge, filled with posts in the reconstruction, may have been used as additional sighting device. At no other site in Weinviertel a solstice orientation is as clear as here in this KGA.

The southeastern entrance appears disturbed in the magnetogram – it may have collapsed during the use of the KGA. An orientation towards winter solstice sunrise appears likely, but cannot be ascertained as clearly.